3D Printing

Architects, artists, designers, engineers, sculpturers, hobbyists…
3D printing has lots of benefits and applications for everyone.
It’s increasingly becoming the de-facto method for rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of deposing material layer by layer to create a physical object from a digital design.

Print your design

Upload your model or contact us to discuss your project. It’s fast, there are several materials available, and we adapt to your specs (strengh, finishing…).

Order a 3D Print


We can adapt any of your plans for printing, whether they are based on 2D or 3D drawings, and create stunning-looking Architectural models.

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Items for sale

Visit our Etsy shop for 3D prints. It’s a community-centric global and local marketplace for handmade items. Objects can be personalised upon request.

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3D consultancy

Need advices to get started or complete a project? Is 3D printing for you and what can it bring to the table? Let’s meet and discuss.

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